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Do you want your kids to gain the confidence that comes from exploration and overcoming challenges?  Do you want them to learn responsibility for their own gear and be as comfortable as you in the outdoors?  Western Edge Gear can help.


Our packs are built especially for kids as small as four feet tall up to well over five feet.  They also work well as day packs for small-framed adults up to about 5’-8” to 5’-9”.  They are designed with three principles in mind:


  1. Durability.  Kids can be tough on gear, but they’ll have a hard time wrecking a Western Edge Gear pack.

  2. Value.  Let’s face it:  kids grow out of everything.  However, Western Edge Gear packs are durable enough to protect your investment and maintain resale value when your kids move on to adult gear.

  3. Adaptability.  Interchangeable components accommodate a wide range of sizes to maximize the value of your investment.  You can also add accessories from other gear makers.

Western Edge Packs


Fitting and Adjustment

Fitting and adjustment procedures and video instructions.
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