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Maximum comfort and usefulness of Western Edge packs depend on two important measurements and proper fitting procedures.

*Measure the waist just above the pelvis high point.  This is the “pointy” bone at waist height on each side of the body.

*Measure torso height from the C7 vertebrae (the big bump at the base of the neck) to the vertebrae at the same height as the pelvis high point.

Measurement Steps

General steps to fitting and adjusting this pack are the same as for similar adult packs.  A better fit will result with 10-15 pounds in the bag.

Loosen all straps and put the pack on the shoulders.

Put the lumbar pad in the lumbar curve on your kid’s back and the center line of the waist belt on top or a little above of the pelvis high point.  Tighten the belt so it’s quite snug; it should be tight enough to hold the pack in the lumbar curve with belt tension alone.  Kids will find this uncomfortable at first, but be patient.  Tell them they can adjust this when they’re really using it.  It is important for initial fitting and for future height adjustments.

Using the Velcro strips on the backboard, adjust shoulder pad heights to make the widest point between shoulder pad curves surround the neck.

Snug the shoulder pads forward using the lower webbing straps. Shoulder pads should conform closely to the body from the shoulder blades, over the shoulder, and down the chest and sides.  You may need to repeat Steps 3 and 4 to fine tune shoulder pad height.

Pull lifter straps (the straps from the shoulder pads to the backboard top) forward so the shoulder pads lift off the shoulders a half inch to an inch.  Slide the tri-glides so they are near the collar bones.

Buckle the sternum strap and tighten to your kid’s preference.


Your kid will fine tune the various adjustments to their liking depending on load.  Increased lifter tension gives a more restrictive, “stiff” feel and is more suitable for heavier loads.  Less lifter tension gives a more flexible, natural feel; this is better for day pack mode.  Increased waist belt tension relieves weight from the shoulders and is better for heavier loads; less tension causes more weight on the shoulders but gives the hips a break.
Many resources show how to take measurements and fit packs like this.  In the end, your kids will tinker with the fit just like we adults do, and no matter how they do it, these packs will be more comfortable than any other on the market.  Give us a call if you need additional help with measurements and fitting. 

Mud Butte Fitting

Bullion Butte Fitting

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