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Western Edge Gear
Terms and Conditions
Our gear is usually made-to-order, but we typically ship within 1-2 weeks.  However, if you need something sooner, please contact us to see if we have an item stock that will work for you.  If ordering from Canada, please understand it takes about 3 weeks from the time we ship to be received.

Packs come with a lifetime warranty against defects in manufacturing.  This does not apply to rips, stitching blows, etc. that result from normal or excessive wear and tear.  If stitching blows out, send the pack to us, and we will fix it.  If our stitching is the problem, we will fix it and pay shipping both ways.  If the pack looks like it has been abused (i.e. thrown off cliffs, used for a trampoline—who knows what kids will do?), with your authorization we will charge a fee for repair and two-way shipping.

Packs sent to us for repair must be clean.  Dirty gear is hard on sewing machines, so if a pack arrives dirty, we will return it without repair.

Giving Back
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