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The Western Edge frame system will handle 30-40 pounds as comfortably as full sized packs can carry 50+ pounds.  It includes anatomically-shaped shoulder straps adjustable for torso height, lifter straps to lift weight off the shoulders, a real lumbar pad, and interchangeable waist belts and backboards, and compression straps.


The waist belt includes forward pull loops for easy adjustment and room for hanging pouches and holsters.  The backboard consists of a frame sheet, fiberglass stays to eliminate vertical flex, the lumbar pad, and side loops with ladder locks for use with the compression straps.   Compression straps can be used to hold odd-shaped loads without the pack bag or to tighten down the pack bag for day pack mode.


If you already have a Kifaru E&E, you can extend its life as a kid pack.  The side loops on the backboard are spaced to accommodate the compression straps on the E&E.


Select from two frame heights for different torso sizes.

Torso Size            Frame Height               Weight
13”-18”                         18”                            2 lb 2 oz.
15”-20”                         20”                           2 lb 6 oz.


Measure torso height from the C7 vertebrae (the big bump at the base of the neck) to the vertebrae at the same height as the top of the pelvis.


Basic colors include Coyote Brown, Foliage Green, Ranger Green, and Tan.  Hardware colors may vary depending on availability, but will look good.  Contact us to see if we can help you with other colors.


See Fitting page for measurement and fitting instructions.


Western Edge Frame System